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All Western International Customers in California Should Immediately Review Their Accounts For Losses and Contact KlaymanToskes

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, May 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — National investment loss and securities lawyers KlaymanToskes issues an important notice to all California customers of Western International Securities and urges all current and former customers of Western International Securities to contact the firm immediately to discuss legal options at 888-997-9956.

KlaymanToskes continues to investigate Western International Securities and has launched an investigation into the brokerage firm’s California branches, following recent allegations of broker/advisor misconduct related to the sale of alternative investments such as GWG L Bonds, and failure to supervise. KlaymanToskes is currently representing customers of Western International who suffered investment losses and is investigating financial advisors with FINRA public disclosures, including customer complaints. The law firm encourages investors who did business with any of the Western International brokers/branches listed below to review their accounts for signs of investment losses.

Campbell, CA:

– Mark Lamb (CRD# 1437554)

– Mark Larkin (CRD# 2021885)

– Linda Wenker (CRD# 1264847)

– Kazuyo Deguchi (CRD# 4395244)

– Hsien Lin (CRD# 3131802)

– James Lee (CRD# 2530066)

Carlsbad, CA:

– Steven Richards (CRD# 1484496)

El Segundo, CA:

– Robert Johnston (CRD# 1161633)

– Arthur Fu (CRD# 708840)

Encino, CA:

– Krikor Demirjian (CRD# 4212275)

– Hagop Nalbandian (CRD# 921246)

Glendale, CA:

– Frederick Feliciano (CRD# 2449455)

– Arthur Chalekian (CRD# 2894882)

Glendora, CA:

– Patrick Egan (CRD# 2973478)

Huntington Beach, CA:

– Mark Baksic (CRD# 5749934)

– Daniel Hazard (CRD# 2202741)

– Paula Hazard (CRD# 2800551)

Irvine, CA:

– Brett Curran (CRD# 2194953)

– Daniel Crane (CRD# 1283381)

– Charles Brian Conners (CRD# 1204160)

Los Alamitos, CA:

– Fariba Zehtabian Madison (CRD# 1178259)

Los Angeles, CA:

– Lyndon Grey (CRD# 1789083)

– Gregory Holmes (CRD# 1851743)

– Graham Rowe (CRD# 406092)

– Grace St. Clair (CRD# 2675255)

– Marina Del Rey, CA:

– Alfred Slayton (CRD# 426278)

Montrose, CA:

– John Darmanian (CRD# 2899924)

– Gray Adelung (CRD# 1719033)

Newport Beach, CA:

– Jorey Bernstein (CRD# 1808647)

– John Bodovitz (CRD# 1197656)

– Jeffry Johnson (CRD# 1577835)

Oakland, CA:

– Robert Wilkinson (CRD# 1180321)

Pasadena, CA:

– Rodney Viloria (CRD# 2476786)

– Bradley Kaiser (CRD# 2523397)

– Karen Tran Chung (CRD# 4158413)

– Kerry Moy (CRD# 1295255)

– Mark Katz (CRD# 3055019)

– Nazeeh Aranki (CRD# 5433745)

– John Driscoll (CRD# 5766256)

– Letitia Garner (CRD# ​​6591669)

– Mary Daniel (CRD# 4539009)

– Richard Grace (CRD# 2058649)

– Flavia Lo Coco (CRD# 4845948)

– Annette Vigil (CRD# 2097289)

– Ernest Arnold (CRD# 1754119)

– Norma Cunanan (CRD# 2986369)

– Timothy Tanner (CRD# 1730256)

– Jen Yung Lee (CRD# 2029561)

– William Ng (CRD# 2846585)

– Douglas Zierdt (CRD# 476524)

– Richard Hugh (CRD# 2542570)

– Sandi Chui (CRD# 2612557)

– Steve Kim (CRD# 4537269)

Sacramento, CA:

– Nancy Cole (CRD# 2900724)

San Diego, CA:

– Vance Gustafson (CRD# 232308)

San Mateo, CA:

– Nicklaus Ketcham (CRD# 4110686)

Valencia, CA:

– Steven Graham (CRD# 1977736)

West Hollywood, CA:

– William McBride Jr. (CRD# 3124160)

Westlake Village, CA:

– Daniel Beech (CRD# 6169844)

– Thomas Swan (CRD# 1698430)

– Andy Gitipityapon (CRD# 4092978)

– David Glienke (CRD# 5502866)

– Talin Kalfayan (CRD# 6674529)

– Doug Waisner (CRD# 1280998)

– Larry Burton (CRD# 4297802)

– Tony Abi Nader (CRD# 4700969)

– Alex Mathis (CRD# 2235598)

– Craig Johnson (CRD# 721657)

– Eric Silvestre (CRD# 3171573)

– Shomir Mukherjee (CRD# 4121898)

– Michaela Rauscher (CRD# 5399032)

– Toni Iannarelli (CRD# 1193641)

– Gaylord Rohloff (CRD# 1542216)

– Cesar Garcia (CRD# 4389804)

– Jose Castillo (CRD# 5507723)

Woodland Hills, CA:

– Andrew Duchan (CRD# 2537673)

– Brian Schwartz (CRD# 4414183)

– Jennifer Frew (CRD# 5849464)

Western International Securities and its advisors have recently encountered a series of regulatory issues, including allegations of misconduct and failure to supervise, prompting concerns regarding the firm’s compliance practices and the best interests of its clients. In June 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission charged Western International Securities and five of its California-registered financial advisors (Case No. 2:22-cv-04119) with violations related to the sale of alternative investments such as GWG L Bonds. Most recently, Western consented to a censure and agreed to pay over $870,000 in fines and restitution to customers, following allegations that the firm made unsuitable recommendations to its customers to invest in non-traded REITs and ETFs.

Current and former customers of Western International Securities in California who suffered investment losses are encouraged to contact attorney Steven D. Toskes at (888) 997-9956 or by email at [email protected] in furtherance of our investigation.

About KlaymanToskes

KlaymanToskes is a leading national securities law firm which practices exclusively in the field of securities arbitration and litigation on behalf of retail and institutional investors throughout the world in large and complex securities matters. The firm has recovered over $250 million in FINRA arbitrations and over $350 million in other securities litigation matters. KlaymanToskes has office locations in California, Florida, New York, and Puerto Rico.


Steven D. Toskes, Esq.
KlaymanToskes, P.A.
+1 888-997-9956
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