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Play Games, Feel Better Over the Holidays: Skillprint’s Winter Wellness Report

600 Mobile Games and 130 Features Assessed to Understand the Benefits and Impact of Gaming on Mood; Tailored Gaming Recommendations Enrich Player Experiences This Holiday Season

Skillprint, a pioneer in adaptive, personalized games that match the personality, cognitive skills, and mindset of players, published an extensive research study of over 600 mobile games scored across 130 features, encompassing mechanics, goals, genres, relevant moods and skills, aesthetic and meta-game elements. The study serves as a supplementary addendum to Skillprint's October publication, "Games Can Be Good For the Mind: An Empirical Report,” and offers deeper insights into cognitive and emotional benefits of gaming. The findings, now publicly available, provide players with tailored recommendations for games to play through the holidays and beyond, whether they want to enhance creativity, focus or just unwind.

Skillprint's cognitive scientist gamers played and rated over 600 games for features, including cognitive skills practiced in the game (e.g., perceptual speed, deduction, pattern matching), gameplay features (unlimited time, leaderboards, etc.), art style (2D, realistic, etc.), theme (medieval, sci-fi, etc.), genre (arcade, sports), goals (optimize, obtain, etc.), relevant personality traits (e.g., risk-taking, extraversion), and monetization features (power ups, cosmetic items, etc.).

Key findings from the study include:

  • Calm: Games promoting calm provide unlimited time and include puzzles, turn-based board games and simulations, focusing on pattern matching, memory, and visualization. (see Gardenscapes, Blockscapes)
  • Focus: Quick reflexes and skilled timing is required in shooter, sports, and arcade genres with leaderboards. (see Temple Run 2, Sonic Dash)
  • Creativity: Sandbox, strategy, and word games stimulate creativity, especially those involving recombining letters in word games. (see Scrabble Go, Little Alchemy 2)
  • Challenge: Sports, combat, and platformer games that demand precise timing and detective games requiring clue-gathering foster determination. (see Geometry Dash, Rise Up)
  • Curiosity: Adventure, sandbox and trivia games, offering extensive exploration opportunities and rich environments, boost curiosity. (see Stardew Valley Mobile, Design Home)
  • Collaborate: Games enhancing collaboration involve team play, communication, and competitive scenarios, including war games and team-based simulations. (see Spaceteam, Clash of Clans)
  • Empathy: Games that require decision-making impacting personal relationships, like romantic lifestyle games and casual puzzle games with storylines, help foster empathy. (see Five Dates, OXENFREE)

“As we celebrate the holiday season, our latest research offers timely insights into the profound impact of gaming on mental well-being. Our study highlights how games are more than leisure; they're a means to enhance cognitive skills and emotional states. These findings provide players with personalized game recommendations to enrich their holidays, whether it's for relaxation, sharpening focus or boosting creativity. At Skillprint, we're excited to offer insights and continue making gaming a tool for personal growth and mental wellness. We invite players to explore the diverse benefits of gaming, as we continue to innovate at the intersection of cognitive science and gaming,” said Chethan Ramachandran, CEO of Skillprint.

Access the full report at https://www.skillprint.co/blog/games-for-the-holidays-report.

Contact Information:
Kate Pietrelli
[email protected]
(760) 518-2633

Original Source: Play Games, Feel Better Over the Holidays: Skillprint’s Winter Wellness Report
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