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Reevoly: These Industry veterans are changing perception about Bihar & UP’s entertainment & creators

What is Reevoly?

Regional Entertainment Content

Reevoly is more than an entertainment platform; it is a reflection of the collective heritage and the rich narratives born from the soil of UP & Bihar

BANGALORE, INDIA, January 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the heart of Bihar’s cultural nucleus, Reevoly, a groundbreaking initiative is taking shape – a platform founded by industry stalwarts with decades of experience at prestigious unicorn companies such as Dailyhunt, Dell, E&Y, CSC and more. It’s mission is to uplift Bihar and UP’s cultural tapestry and bring it to the global forefront.

What sets Reevoly apart is its lineage of founders, individuals who not only hold distinguished leadership roles in the corporate world but are also proud natives of the Bhojpuri belt of Bihar. Their commitment is deeply rooted in a personal understanding of Bihar & UP’s untapped potential and the need to redefine its narrative.

Reevoly, the truly regional entertainment platform, is making waves as it revolutionizes the way creators from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar showcase their talent to the world. Led by visionary founders with decades of experience, Reevoly aims to change the perception of regional content by providing a curated space for creators to share their unique stories, culture, and artistry.

With a deep-rooted passion for promoting regional talent, Kunal Bhardwaj, CEO & Co-Founder of Reevoly, left his highly paid job at Dailyhunt to pursue his vision of creating a platform that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of UP and Bihar. Inspired by a seven-year social initiative fueled by his drive to counter the stereotyped and often sleazy perception of Bhojpuri content, Kunal and his friends embarked on a journey to produce meaningful and authentic regional content.

Their initiative quickly gained traction, showcasing high-quality, sensible entertainment to the audience. Receiving over 300 commitments from individuals in UP and Bihar who sought to crowdfund this transformative content creation, Kunal and his team witnessed firsthand the tremendous potential and untapped talent within the region.

Armed with this knowledge and motivated by the overwhelming support they had garnered, Kunal and his team founded Reevoly, a platform dedicated to showcasing the diverse talents of UP and Bihar. Reevoly is more than a general entertainment platform, acting as a catalyst for driving prosperity and preserving cultural diversity.

Reevoly plays a pivotal role in upholding the rich traditions of Bihar and UP by providing a platform for talented creators to share their unique voices with a global audience. Folk singers, folk dancers, regional poets, stand-up comedians, food vloggers, and local magicians etc. are among the 100+ top creators currently sharing their extraordinary talents on the Reevoly platform. Well known names such as Mintuaa Bhojpuri, Puruaa Bhojpuri, Sarang Bhojpuri, Sahil Kumar, Anshuman Singh, Satyakaam Anand, Jai Bhojpuri Jai Bhojpuria, Prabhakar Pandey, Ujjwal Pandey, and many more luminaries have found a home on Reevoly.

Beyond its commitment to showcasing talent, Reevoly has also caught the attention of brands seeking to engage with the highly enthusiastic and deeply engaged community on the platform. Reevoly’s collaborative campaigns serve as an opportunity for businesses to authentically connect with the regional audience while driving brand growth.

Kunal said that they are excited about the transformative potential of the platform. “Reevoly is not just a platform for entertainment; it is a reflection of our collective heritage and the rich narratives born from the soil of UP & Bihar. Our mission is to amplify the voices of regional creators, challenge stereotypes, and promote the prosperity of the region. We are proud to be a part of this transformative journey and invite audiences and brands alike to join us in celebrating the vibrant cultural heritage of UP and Bihar.”

Reevoly is now live, and audiences can immerse themselves in the extraordinary talent of UP & Bihar by visiting . Their new app is slated to release soon. For media inquiries, interviews, or further information, please contact …

About Reevoly:

Reevoly is a regional entertainment platform that provides a curated space for talented creators from UP and Bihar to showcase their unique stories, culture, and artistry. It is driven by the vision of transforming regional entertainment and challenging stereotypes, while promoting prosperity and preserving the rich cultural diversity of Bihar and UP.

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