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Worldshards Presents New Build at Gamescom Asia

The first closed beta test will be launched in Q4 2023

Lowkick Studio, the developers of the new life sim sandbox MMORPG Worldshards, has presented the new build of the game at Gamescom Asia 2023. The developers have added the first main city hub, improved graphics and updated mechanics. Gamescom Asia was a blast for Worldshards, with hundreds of players who shared their appreciation and feedback with the team. Now, the developers are planning to implement new ideas by the first beta test, planned to start in 2023. Applications are open on the game website https://worldshards.online/ 

What is Worldshards?

Worldshards is a new life sim sandbox MMORPG set in the magical world of Murrlandia that is full of endless opportunities to build, craft, trade, communicate, socialize, and explore. Create your dream island paradise and journey through an exciting world.

Endless opportunities - Players can discover a fully immersive world with opportunities to build, craft, trade, communicate, socialize, and explore.

Long-awaited MMORPG - Worldshards has the freedom of action: players may find friends, set up a community of like-minded players, build guilds, conquer the world and uncover the world's secrets.

Immersive sandbox - The game gives the ability to build and customize a very own island for each player: construct a dream house, establish farms and factories, gather resources, craft various items and upgrade weaponry.

Player-driven economy - Players can engage in crafting, trading, and bartering with fellow players, offering everything they discover or create. 

Deep fantasy lore - The world of Murrlandia is full of adventures to uncover and stories to tell. In every corner of this immersive world, mysteries lie dormant, eagerly awaiting the brave and the curious to delve into their depths. 

Adorable Meowkles - Players may find and recruit these charming creatures as they travel the world and fill their island with little fuzzy helpers.

Social Media pages:

Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIUWBSTC-0c 

Steam page https://store.steampowered.com/app/2156390/WorldShards/ 

Website https://worldshards.online/  

Discord https://discord.gg/pyfCtJc93c 

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa5vPCjCwd75FK-RIDqOyIw 

Twitter https://twitter.com/WorldShardsGame 

Contact Information:
Jenny Smith
PR Manager
[email protected]

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