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XGR Technologies’ Lightweight SnapShot EMI Shielding Empowers Military and Industrial Drones

SnapShot® board-level shields manufactured by XGR Technologies are leveraged by top drone manufacturers to optimize military and industrial drone performance.

XGR Technologies’ SnapShot® shielding products offer the lightest weight board-level shields available and have over two decades of proven success in hundreds of applications across industries. SnapShot® shields are leveraged by top drone manufacturers to optimize the performance of their military and industrial drones. The sales of SnapShot® custom EMI shielding products have grown significantly over the past two years as XGR proudly supports military defense efforts across the globe.

Drones of all sizes from very small to large are indispensable in modern military strategies, offering unmatched aerial reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. These drones are equipped with electronics to meet the combined needs of navigation, communication, imaging, weapons deployment, avionics, and general flight operations. Although designed for operational effectiveness, these electronics generate electronic noise or EMI that can disrupt the proper function of the systems on board. The sensitive electronics are also subject to interference from outside electrical noise generated by power lines and other factors. So, an effective solution for shielding sensitive circuits becomes necessary. Thus, the need for better and better EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding solutions has grown over the years. SnapShot® Board-level EMI shielding solutions play a crucial role in achieving the operational effectiveness of UAVs.

Balancing the weight of EMI shielding solutions in drones without compromising performance has been a constant challenge. Traditional EMI shielding solutions add weight to the drones, limiting their operational time, range, and battery life, and increasing their fuel consumption. SnapShot® shields are made from lightweight, engineered polymer with very thin tin plating to create the conductive surface and complete the Faraday cage. This unique technology results in the lightest weight board-level EMI shield on the market. SnapShot® shields also offer superior shielding effectiveness from 200MHz up to 18GHz. They are extensively tested against mechanical shock (OEDEC JESD 22-B104-B), bump (IEC 60668-2-29), vibration (IEC 60068-2-64), thermal shock (MIL-STD-883CA), dry heat aging, and moist heat aging.

About XGR Technologies and SnapShot®

Founded in 2018, XGR Technologies specializes in the design and manufacturing of SnapShot® board-level shielding solutions, which were previously manufactured by W.L. Gore & Associates. Offered in single or multi-cavity designs, the SnapShot® EMI Shields answer many challenges associated with existing shielding technologies. These shields are covered by US Patent No: 6,377,475 and 6,744,640. For more information, visit www.xgrtec.com.

Contact Information:
Jon Buchwald
VP Sales & Marketing
[email protected]
(302) 669-9554
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